What's your NUMBER?

The NUMBERS SKINCARE system is super easy to use.

Choose a cleanser 1,2 or 3 -

No. 1 Glycolic Facial Cleanser - a great cleanser to use if you don't have any glycolic in your current regimen.

No. 2 Gentle Facial Cleanser - gentle cleanser great for all skin types particularly sensitive skin.

No. 3 Gel Facial Cleanser - time tested favorite and great for the summer months.  

Choose a glycolic cream -

No. 6. Gentle Glycolic Facial Cream - Just like the original glycolic facial cream but a little less potent for those with more sensitive skin or no previous exposure to glycolic or retinol.  Glycolic is anti-aging, exfoliating and improves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.  

No. 7 Original Glycolic Facial Cream - The original cream developed many years ago by a plastic surgeon, dermatologist and pharmacist.  Great for all skin types and may help with psoriasis, acne and dry skin.  Glycolic is anti-aging, exfoliating and improves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.  

No. 8 Oil Free Glycolic Facial Lotion - The benefits of glycolic acid in a lighter lotion formulation.  Designed for oily and normal complexions. 60ml/2 oz. 



Add vitamin C serum - 

No. 11 Vitamin C Serum - for a potent anti-oxidant & a great addition to the antiaging skin regimen. 

Don't forget the retinol at Night -

No. 13 Retinol Serum - Retinol is a great anti-ager for all skin types.  Silicone based serum designed to deliver a highly effective dose of retinol.  Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.  

Finish with moisturizer - 

No. 17 Collagen Moisturizer - Great for all skin types.  Formulated with elastin proteins to hydrate the skin and help reduce fine lines. Designed to enhance and compliment our glycolic creams.

No. 18 HA Moisturizer -  Also great for all skin types. This product contains hyaluronic acid and is a powerful humectant designed to hydrate and plump the skin for a more youthful complexion. 60ml/2 oz.  

 For the body - 

No. 24 AHA Body Lotion This lotion was formulated with high quality alpha hydroxy acids which aid in cell turnover and help soften rough or dry skin.  240ml/8 oz.

How do you use NUMBERS?

  • Cleanser morning and night 
  • Vitamin C +/- Glycolic facial cream in the morning - best applied to damp skin a few minutes apart.  
  • Retinol at night - before you go to bed.  Retinol is sensitive to light and may break down upon exposure and be less effective.  Best applied to dry skin.
  • Moisturizer day and night and you're done!