TEENAGE BOY OR GIRL WITH ACNE OR "PROBLEM SKIN" - Use No. 1 Glycolic facial cleanser once or twice daily and follow with moisturizer such as No. 17 collagen moisturizer.  Easy regimen and glycolic helps to eradicate breakouts.

NUMBERS FOR MEN - Keep No. 1 glycolic facial wash in the shower.  Use it once or twice daily and follow with No. 17 collagen moisturizer or No. 18 HA moisturizer. Exfoliating and will help keep the complexion clear and skin soft.

SUPER SENSITIVE SKIN OR HAVEN'T USED MUCH IN THE WAY OF SKINCARE PRODUCTS - Start with No. 1 cleanser then No. 17 collagen moisturizer OR go for the Gentle Starter Kit.  Our products are strong and effective so better to start at a low potency and increase as tolerated.  

OILY SKIN - Use No. 3 gel cleanser then No. 8 glycolic lotion &/or No. 11 vitamin C serum followed by No. 17 collagen moisturizer or No. 18 HA moisturizer in the morning.  Cleanse at night with No. 3 gel cleanser then apply No. 13 Retinol.  No. 3 gel cleanser and No. 8 are made specifically for oily skin.  

I'VE USED EVERY PRODUCT IN THE BOOK - Give the Whole Shebang Kit a go.  We have many clients who report these products have made a difference in their skin when others haven't. "People are stopping me to complement my skin and ask what I am doing!"  Know that these products are very potent so you may want to introduce the glycolic and retinol to your regimen every other day to start.    

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN No. 17 COLLAGEN MOISTURIZER AND No. 18 HA MOISTURIZER?  No. 17 collagen moisturizer was formulated to use with the glycolic facial creams.  Using No. 17 in combination with glycolic cream results in a synergistic effect, ie 1+1=3 & using them together provides more benefit than using either alone.  No. 17 is well tolerated and clients love it when they have had trouble with other moisturizers.  No. 18 HA moisturizer contains hyaluronic acid which is like a big drink of water for your skin.  Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in your skin and holds 1,000 times it's weight in water so it's a fantastic & truly hydrating moisturizer.  No. 18 is formulated with organic aloe vera, linseed oil, calendula oil & rice bran oil to soothe and soften the skin.  The oils have anti-inflammatory effects as well.  No. 18 is a little heavier than No. 17 but still light and creamy.  It's hard to choose between the two so an option is to alternate between the two!  Or to make it simple, try No. 17 for light moisturizing, summer months and oily skin.  Use No. 18 for drier skin, winter months or a fresher face.