When you look at all the options in skincare today, it is overwhelming.  We created the NUMBERS SKINCARE line to simplify the steps of skincare and provide the most effective therapies for your skin.  We are a clinically based company focused on the science of skincare.  Reviewing, the literature, glycolic and retinol are products that are proven to change the texture and appearance of your skin.  The foundation of the numbers skincare line utilizes these concepts and was originally developed by a pharmacist, plastic surgeon and dermatologist.  

We are located & make our products locally in Nashville, TN!  We make small batches with the highest quality ingredients to ensure quality and freshness.  The compounding pharmacy has been in business for more than 25 years.  We launched the online shop to bring our products more readily to you!

Why Glycolic?

Whether you are a teen with acne desiring a clear complexion or an adult in search of more youthful looking skin, EVERYONE needs glycolic.  The reasons are glycolic is a powerful exfoliant.  It increases cell turnover & stimulates collagen formation which reduces fine lines and wrinkles.  It also helps even hyper pigmentation caused by sun damage.  Glycolic has anti inflammatory properties to prevent breakouts & clogged pores.  This product can be used all over or to spot treat breakouts at initial onset.  Glycolic is better than some other chemicals because it is the smallest molecule of the alpha hydroxy acids allowing for better penetration of the skin resulting in improved skin texture. 

Why Vitamin C?

Do you want a brighter smoother complexion?  Vitamin C is the "piece de resistance" of your skin care regimen.  It is a potent anti-oxidant neutralizing free radicals from everyday exposure to the skin.  It helps even skin tone and create a brighter complexion as well as rejuvenating aged and sun damaged skin.  Vitamin C like the other treatments in the NUMBERS SKINCARE line, promotes collagen formation.  As we age, collagen production decreases leading to development of fine lines and wrinkles.  Free radicals, smoking, UV radiation from the sun and environmental irritants all accelerate the aging process.  The good news is NUMBERS SKINCARE helps to reverse the process!

Why Retinol?

Retinol rounds out the NUMBERS SKINCARE line.  It is also great for aging skin and young skin with the propensity for breakouts.  Retinol stabilizes collagen formation, unclogs blocked pores & normalizes the skin to prevent breakouts.  It is a form of vitamin A that converts to retinioc acid.  It slows the destruction of collagen and promotes cell turnover so new healthier cells surface.  Retinoic acid promotes elasticity & smooths skin. Retinoids are used to treat hyper pigmentation. 

How do you use NUMBERS?  

  • Cleanser morning and night 
  • Vitamin C +/- Glycolic facial cream in the morning - best applied to damp skin a few minutes apart.  
  • Retinol at night - before you go to bed.  Retinol is sensitive to light and may break down upon exposure.
  • Moisturizer day and night and you're done!

What's your number? 

Need help choosing your NUMBERS?  Contact us below and we're happy to help guide you!  NUMBERS SKINCARE products are available online and through your local NUMBERS SKINCARE consultant.

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